Valentine's Day Make-up and Hair Ideas

Hello lovely people! How are you today? Hope you are very good! Valentine's day is just around the corner so I thought I could share with you some ideas of make up and hairstyles you can wear this special day. Even you don't have a boyfriend or a girlfriend, you can celebrate this day with your friends anyway and you'll have a fun day.
The first make up idea is a natural nude look with pink blush and gold eye shadow, two of the most famous colours for this day, I really like this look. If you want to bet on a little bit sexier look you should try the second look, the red lips look so sexy on any woman and the black wink in the eye it's basic but it works so good, when you wear this look remember to wear a pink blush and a light bronzer and you'll have more of a sexy/romantic look.
The first hairstyle idea is so cute and romantic. The soft curls always give any look a feminine and cute touch. You can do them with a hair iron getting little sections and doing loose curls and at the end brushing them softly with a brush. The second hairstyle it's also so feminine and romantic you can do it straightening your hair and then doing small waves at the end of the hair. After do a little braid on a side, use a cute pin to jam it. Hope you like it, if you would to see a post of Valentine's day outfit ideas, tell me it in the comments, much love!
Valentine's Make Up Ideas

Valentine's Hairstyle Ideas