My current skincare routine

Good morning lovely people!

This year my skin has been through a LOT; I did an Isotretinoin treatment for 7 months approximately and I burned my face in second-degree burns, during I was doing this treatment (check out this post to read the whole story). For the people who don't know what treatment I'm talking about, it's more known as Accutane and people with problematic skin can take it to banish acne, black-heads and scars. For me it worked really well, I didn't have a single spot during all the months I was taking it, but I do still have some scars.

During the treatment my skin was really dry so I used moisturizers for dry skin (like the Vichy Aqualia thermal, which is fab), which I can't use anymore because now my skin is oily-ish again and it's also really sensitive, that's why I recently changed my skincare routine a little and I'm pretty happy with it. 

Disclamer: Some of these products were recommended by my dermatologist, so I'm not assuring you they'd work the same for you because everyone has different skin types. But if you can identify with my type of skin, you can definitely give it a try, because they are all really good products.


1. Cleanance Clensing Gel (Avène)
This is one of the two things I haven't changed in my skincare routine for YEARS. It is the best cleanser I've ever tried, it's great for any kind of skin type really, but especially great for sensitive-oily skin. It's really gentle and can also help you reduce impurities without drying or irritating the skin, as it doesn't contain soap.

2. Thermal Spring Water (Avène)
This is the second product I haven't changed in my skincare routine. It is the most soothing and refreshing product you can spritz on your face. I usually apply this before my moisturizer, because it really calms and softens my skin.

3. Gel Plus Salicylic (Neostrata)
This is a great exfoliant gel for oily and blemish prone skin, it contains Salicylic Acid which prevents your pores from clogging and also does a really good job on moisturizing the skin, leaving a matte finish but still looking plumped and healthy. I've found it has really helped me with my acne scars, because since I started using it all the scars have reduced considerably and whenever I get a spot this (or maybe for the combination of all the products, I'm not sure) makes it disappear A.S.A.P.

4. Face Sun cream SPF 50+ (Solei, Boots Laboratories)
As my skin has been through so much and it's really sensitive, I must put on sun cream every-single-day, even on non-sunny days. I used to think that in cloudy days you don't have to put sun cream on, but no, don't be fooled my friends, you are still exposed to the sun. The sun is really bad for you and it's the main reason we get wrinkles or dark spots as we get older, so if just putting this on everyday I'll prevent that, I can survive being whiter than a ghost for the rest of my life, a ghost with really good skin ;) Any sun cream with a SPF 30 or SPF 50 will work, I personally use this one because it doesn't leave my skin with an oily residue, it just does the job.

5. Lip Balm #1 (Kiehl's)
You already know how much I love this product, but if you don't, I wrote a full review about it a few days ago, check it out here.


My night skin routine is practically the same as my morning routine but without putting on sunblock (that would be excessive) and some other changes.

1. Liquid Detergent (Sato)
Usually at night I'm wearing makeup so to take it of I first use the Cleanance Cleansing Gel again, because it does a great job doing that and then I use this other cleanser, once all the makeup is off. This is a great cleanser for an oily skin, it's much harsher as it leaves your skin feeling a little bit dry but really helps with impurities.
2. Thermal Spring Water (Avène)

3. Gel Plus Salicylic (Neostrata)

4. Eight Hour Cream (Elizabeth Arden)
I use this on my lips and under the eyes, because it does a great job on plumping and soothing sensitive ares. During the night is the best moment to use your thick creams and balms, your skin loves and extra moisture.

My skincare routine

Do you change your skincare routine a lot or do you try to stick on one for a long time? What is your favourite skincare product?