August 5, 2014

My 2014 Summer Wish List (Part 2)

Hello lovely people!
A few days weeks (ups... sorry) ago I did a post of my current beauty wish list for the summer and today I'll show you which fashion related things are in my wish list too. Same deal as the other post, I'll explain you a little bit of each thing such as where they are from and why I want them. (WARNING: Your wish list might get a little longer after reading this post, you are welcome #sorrynotsorry) Enjoy!

the fashion things...

1. Orange Romper (H&M): Rompers are such easy and comfy things to wear plus they look fashionable without even trying (it's all about effortless fashion, am I right ladies?). I think this orange colour is gorgeous and would complement anyone's skin tone.

2. Black Rip Knee Jamie Jeans (Topshop): (First of all, why are they always out of stock? Boh) Oh Jamie Jeans from Topshop, you have been on my wish list for so long and you still aren't in my closet, why? I love me some good quality high waisted black jeans, I have some from Zara and I wear them non-stop but these... I know I could just rip some holes in mine because they are practically the same but these... look so cool. Jamie jeans are also known for being very comfortable, basically, these jeans have everything I want in a pair of jeans. (Times I said jeans: 6... oh well)

3. Bandana Denim Jacket (GAP): I love denim jackets and I know this just looks like a normal light denim jacket, BUT NO, it's not just that. On the back from the shoulders to mid back there is a very interesting bandana print that can spice up any summer look as the colours are quite stunning.

4. Raffia Espadrilles (Zara): These espadrilles have caught my eye since the first time I saw them because I thought it was a cool twist to the typical summer espadrilles as they have a leathery-looking fabric, but it's actually raffia. These have been quite popular so they are basically out of stock in every Zara and online shops, which bothers me quite a lot but I still haven't lost hope. THERE'S HOPE GUYS.

5. Watch (Daniel Wellington): Lately I've seen Mr Daniel's watches everywhere from blogs to Instagram(s) and I dunno why (and it's not because he has sponsored a LOT of kinda famous they are so simple and classic and they do look good with any outfit. I like this one in particular as it's rose gold and has some little rhinestones which give this watch a very feminine and casual look. Lovely, just lovely.

6. Eye Spy Necklace (Nasty Girl): I had to insert the brand's description as I thought it was great: ''For all you (eye) ballers, this necklace has a brushed gold chain with eyeball pendant and adjustable clasp closure. It's weird in all the right ways, so sport it when you want to keep your vibe quirky'' by the Nastiest of the Girls. I love it when the products' descriptions aren't serious, am I the only one? Moving on -> I love wearing simple chain necklaces and layering them and this would work perfectly for this job.

7. Bucket Bag (Gucci): I know this bag might be in my wish list forever for a long time or at least until I win the lottery but as I said before, there is still hope. Recently I've seen these kinds of bucket bags EVERYWHERE but this one is the one that caught my eye the most until I saw the brand (and the price) and wished I was blind, but come on, it's so cute. I also love the colour as I think that a bag with this colour can give life to any monochrome look (aka my everyday look).

8. Sleeveless/Peplum Shirt (French Connection): I know this shirt doesn't have anything special other than the peplum situation going at the bottom but (there is always a but), it's so chic and simple and you could combine it with so many pieces. If I had it in my closet it would definitely be a staple.

9. Skort (New Look): Looks like a skirt but it's a pair of shorts, SOLD. I love skirts but I just can't have the risk of exposing parts that I wouldn't want to expose publicly in a windy or not so windy day, because when I wear skirts I don't know how to walk,  how to sit down or how to function in life, that's why I want some skorts in my life. Sitting the way you want, embracing the windy days... think about it, you also want some and I just convinced you. (Wow I would really be a great publicist for fashion brands).

10. Headphones (Frend): Aren't these headphones the coolest thing you have ever seen (in the headphones world), because they are for me. They look so much more than just headphones as they are so fashionable, I would choose them over a necklace as they give such an 'umf' to any look; and I love listening to music, I listen to music 24/7, literally, but anyway right now I don't have any excuse to justify buying them as they are quite expensive for their function but... I still want them.

Much love,

July 21, 2014

My 2014 Summer Wish List (Part 1)

Hello lovely people!
We all know that even though we might have everything we think we need, IT'S NEVER ENOUGH. Am I right ladies and gentleman?  We all have a wish list in our head of the things we desire to have and this is my current one. My wish list is quite large but I divided it into the beauty things and the fashion things, I'll explain you a little bit of each thing. (WARNING: Your wish list might get a little longer after reading this post, you are welcome #sorrynotsorry) Enjoy!

the beauty things...

1. ''Coco Noir'' Perfume (Chanel): This perfume has a blend of grapefruit, Calabrian bergamot, rose, narcissus, rose geranium leaf, jasmine, tonka bean, sandalwood, vanilla, patchouli and white musk frankincense (I looked that up, I don't have such a refined nose to know that). This is a great night perfume and every time I see a Chanel counter I love spraying it but you know, it's Chanel=pricey so until I don't have the money or the reason to splurge on it, it will remain in my wish list. But trust me, when you see it, give it a sniff, you won't be disappointed.

2. Colour-Coded Eyeshadow Palette in Dolce Vita(Charlotte Tilbury): This palette is so gorgeous: first look at the colours, 4 beautiful neutral shades (I'm all about the neutrals) with a little bit of shimmer, second look at the packaging, it's such a luxury. This palette has been around for quite a long time so a lot of the beauty youtubers that I follow have it and do tutorials with them and they look SO GOOD. You can do from simple eye looks to very glam/night out looks with these all skin type flattering shades. Nothing else to say...I WANT IT.

3. Powder & Sculpt Brush (Charlotte Tilbury): This brush has a tapered end that allows you to contour (yep, I've been trying to get into that) your cheeks just under them, highlight on top or powder lightly under the eye zone or the T-Zone very precisely. It is a very soft brush and doesn't apply a lot of product at once, allowing you to build up the products and not having harsh lines.

4. Pro to Go Eye/Cheek Palette (Lorac): This palette just has everything you would need for a look: you have six neutral eyeshadows, two blushes and one bronzer in a little tiny packaging that you can carry wherever you want, it also has a mini brush, much appreciated.

5. Lipstick in shade Shy Girl (MAC): I love a good peachy neutral lip and the other day my friend was wearing this shade and the minute I saw her I asked: What lip color are you wearing? (Beauty psychopath right here, anyone else? Hope so...), it's such a flattering shade and you know how great MAC formulas are, need it.

6. Shimmer Brick in Pink Quartz (Bobbi Brown): This has five bars of pearlized pigments that you can use on the lids and the cheeks and it create a soft pinky glow. This does the most beautiful effect, actually I'm inserting here a video by the gorgeous Tanya Burr as she uses it on cheeks and lids and as you are going to see, the effect is beautiful.

7. Naked Basics Palette (Urban Decay): (Yes, more neutrals) This compact palette has six  neutral shades and it's basically all you need for your everyday looks. And I' trying to find an excuse to splurge on it even I have similar shades but I don't find any... It just looks so convenient.

8. ''Sì'' Perfume (Giorgio Armani): From the first time I smelled this perfume I fell in love and as the Chanel one I always spray it on me when I find a Giorgio Armani counter and as the Chanel one, it's very expensive. It's a very sweet perfume at the beginning (well and later on too but not as much) but then it changes into a more of a fruity smell. I looked on the web to see what it has on it: cassis, vanilla, patchouli, freesia, may rose, ambroxan and woody notes.

9. Micro-Blur Skin Perfector (Kiehl's): This is basically a primer that reduces the appearance of your pores and smoothens your skin texture. I have large pores and I read so many good reviews on this product so I can't wait to use it, people also say that it helps your makeup to last longer. YES.

Much love,

July 20, 2014

My ULTIMATE Style Icons: Olivia Palermo (1)

Hello lovely people!
This week I'm going to talk to you about my style icons. I think most of you might have one or more style icons, it could be an actress, a model, a blogger or even your mother or a friend of yours that when you see them you think ''oh my god, I want to wear what they are wearing, now''. For those who don't know the meaning of style icon it stands for a person that inspires you in the way they dress and reflects into your personal style. I have a lot of people who inspire me in the way I dress but these are my ultimate style icons:

- Olivia Palermo
- Alexa Chung
- Cara Delevingne
- Miranda Kerr
- Sara Carbonero
- Gala Gonzalez
- Chiara Ferragni
- Poppy Delevingne
- Rumi Neely
- Rosie Huntington Whiteley

So now I'm going to get right in to it and explain the first one because I'll divide this kind of ''series'' and do a post dedicated for each of them explaining who is she, how is her style, why she is my style icon and some of my favourite looks from her. Enjoy!

1. Olivia Palermo
Yes, you guessed it. I don't even know how many posts I dedicated to her in this blog, don't even want to count them...

Who is she?
Olivia Palermo is an American socialite and model, she was first known for her appearance in the reality The City. She grew up in Greenwich (NYC) and later attended to Parsons The New School for Design, a very privileged university where she studied media. She has worked in many different brands and have been the covers for many magazines such as Marie Claire, Elle, InStyle, Harper's Bazaar... Nowadays she has a lifestyle blog (which I love) and works on an e-commerce website with The Fancy. And recently has got married with the gorgeous model Johannes Huebl.

 (Life goals right here)

How is her style?
Olivia is the epitome of chic. I would define her style as chic, preppy, feminine, elegant, sophisticated and polished, but she always likes to take risks and try out different styles and she rocks them, her outfits are always on point.

Why she is one of my style icons?
If I'm honest she's my number 1 style icon, there isn't any of her outfits that I dislike. I love that she can get very simple and casual outfits and glam them up with special pieces. I also really like the fact that her looks are very easy to wear and most of them look very comfy. She also wears different brands from Zara and Topshop to Chanel and Dior, so some outfits can be a little bit more to achieve.

Some of my favourite looks

Much love,

July 19, 2014

Fashion Essential: The white T-Shirt

Hello lovely people!
As you might have noticed there is a new design in this blog, I really like it because now it has more of a minimalistic style and I think it looks cleaner, I liked the other design but I got bored of it as it was very pinky and very 13 year old me. So what do you think about it? Do you like it? Okay so let's stop the rambling and lets talk about today's theme: the white T-shirt. I can't even tell you how may basic white tees I have in my closet, they are just so convenient, you can dress them up or you can dress them down and today I'm going to show you how you can wear them and you'll see in how many ways and styles you can wear them. So let's get started, enjoy!


Afternoon Ice-Cream Chic

on the edge of green

It is over all chic

I stole my boyfriend's jeans


Tropical Boho

Question of the day: What's your fashion Essential?

Much love,