The perfect bikini!

Hello lovely readers! Now that the hot weather is coming and we are all starting to go to the swimming pool and the beach, it's time to find your perfect bikini. In this post you'll find a guide with different tips to find the perfect bikini for you, depending on your body shape or skin colour. So I hope you like this post, much love, bye!

1. If you have a small top and you want to have a little more volume, I recommend you to wear twisted bandeaus (you can also wear the push-up ones), tops with horizontal lines, with embellishes or with ruffles.

2. If you have a big top and you prefer to have extra support, choose tops with wide bands. 

5. If you aren't still ready to show your tummy you can wear a tankini because it makes your tummy look flat and good shaped, it's great for curvy bodies.

4. If your skin colour is very pale or medium pale and you have blonde hair, don't buy black or dark grey bikinis because then you'll see yourself even paler (and nobody wants that!), better go for deep reds and earth tones. But if you have light brunette hair or red go for dark greens or cobalt blues, avoid orange and yellow.

5. If your skin colour is quite dark, play with your skin colour and go for yellows and purples and please avoid colours like olive green or beige and if it is really dark go for pastel colours.

(All the bikinis and trikinis are from Victoria's Secret)