You know what kind of skirt I'm talking about, the skirt which you've seen every single fashion blogger, it girl, celebrity and their mother wear. The skirt you see in every-single-shop you go and it's confusing your mind because you don't know if you absolutely love it or you hate it, maybe the buttons have hypnotized you - I just can't write a post without saying something weird, can't I.

Anyway, you know what skirt I mean.

Personally I absolutely love them, although if I'm honest, when I first saw one, I wasn't as sure, but the more times I saw it styled in so many different ways I liked it better and better. You can find them in denim and in suede and I think they are very flattering either ways as it has an A-line shape. The denim version is perfect for casual looks but can really be dressed up and the suede version is just super chic, but you can also dress it down, it's all about finding the right balance. That's why I decided to put together some of my favourite Street Style outfits which are including this skirt, so if you are planning on buying one (or not), you can have some ideas of how you could wear it. Also I've done some research in the online shops to find the best offers depending on your budget, because ain't nobody (and by nobody I mean me) has thousands of euros to buy a skirt.

Let's get inspired...

The Street Style looks

The picks

Button-Front Skirts

Topshop suede skirt

Topshop flare skirt

Parisian blue denim mini skirt
$31 - newlook.com

What are your thoughts about this style of skirt? Do you think you are going to add it to your wardrobe? I'd love to know.