My ULTIMATE Style Icons: Olivia Palermo (1)

Hello lovely people!
This week I'm going to talk to you about my style icons. I think most of you might have one or more style icons, it could be an actress, a model, a blogger or even your mother or a friend of yours that when you see them you think ''oh my god, I want to wear what they are wearing, now''. For those who don't know the meaning of style icon it stands for a person that inspires you in the way they dress and reflects into your personal style. I have a lot of people who inspire me in the way I dress but these are my ultimate style icons:

- Olivia Palermo
- Alexa Chung
- Cara Delevingne
- Miranda Kerr
- Gala Gonzalez
- Chiara Ferragni
- Poppy Delevingne
- Rumi Neely
- Rosie Huntington Whiteley

So now I'm going to get right in to it and explain the first one because I'll divide this kind of ''series'' and do a post dedicated for each of them explaining who is she, how is her style, why she is my style icon and some of my favourite looks from her. Enjoy!

1. Olivia Palermo
Yes, you guessed it. I don't even know how many posts I dedicated to her in this blog, don't even want to count them...

Who is she?
Olivia Palermo is an American socialite and model, she was first known for her appearance in the reality The City. She grew up in Greenwich (NYC) and later attended to Parsons The New School for Design, a very privileged university where she studied media. She has worked in many different brands and have been the covers for many magazines such as Marie Claire, Elle, InStyle, Harper's Bazaar... Nowadays she has a lifestyle blog (which I love) and works on an e-commerce website with The Fancy. And recently has got married with the gorgeous model Johannes Huebl.

 (Life goals right here)

How is her style?
Olivia is the epitome of chic. I would define her style as chic, preppy, feminine, elegant, sophisticated and polished, but she always likes to take risks and try out different styles and she rocks them, her outfits are always on point.

Why she is one of my style icons?
If I'm honest she's my number 1 style icon, there isn't any of her outfits that I dislike. I love that she can get very simple and casual outfits and glam them up with special pieces. I also really like the fact that her looks are very easy to wear and most of them look very comfy. She also wears different brands from Zara and Topshop to Chanel and Dior, so some outfits can be a little bit more to achieve.

Some of my favourite looks

Much love,