50 Thoughts I Have The First Day of School

It's September, fellow student friends, and that can only mean two things: you've already started school (or university) or you are just about to start. I know, the excitement is too much for your body. In honor of that, I decided to write a post about the ''50 Thoughts I Have The First Day of School'' and some of them you probably have too. Let's celebrate education together because, why not?

1. *6:30 alarm goes off* Just 5 minutes more.

2. *6:35 alarm goes off* Just 10 minutes more.

3. *6:45 alarm goes off* Where did I sign up for this?

4. The sun is not even out, how is this legal?

5. Today is the day my social live disappears.

6. Where did the summer go?

7. Thank God for breakfast! You are the best thing that will happen this morning.

8. Wow, I look so tired. Mascara to the rescue!

9. What am I going to wear today?

10. I wish it was acceptable to wear PJs to school.

11. I've never understood the people who dress up so much the first day of school and the next day just wear sweatpants and hoodies.

12. I have nothing to wear.

13. I think I'll just wear jeans, a t-shirt and sneakers. Clearly, today is about comfort, not about style.

14. Why didn't I prepare my backpack last night?

15. This year I'm going to be so organized.

16. I think I said the same thing last year.

17. Where are my keys?

18. Why do I always lose my keys?

19. Calm down Julia, they are on the table.

20. I woke up so early but I think I'm still going to be late.

21. Run, run, run!

22. I hope I haven't left anything at home.

23. Where is my phone? WHERE IS MY PHONE?

24. It's in my jeans' pocket. What a relieve! Oh, hey fellow humans, I'm not crazy...

25. I'm only excited to see my friends.

26. So many people... Too many people. By the way, why is everybody so tanned and I'm not?

27. Friends located, finally. It's going to be hard but we're all in this together!

28. It would be cool if someone new came to my class.

29. It would be cool if someone who looks like Chris Hemsworth came to my class.

30. It would be cool if Chris Hemsworth came to my class. Or was my teacher.

31. My grades would be so fantastic. But this is physically impossible.

32. There's way too many people to fit in this tiny class.

33. I hope everybody showers regularly, preferably daily.

34. This class is going to smell so bad in less than a week.

35. No one wants to be here.

36. Neither the teacher. He/She doesn't want to be here!

37. Wow, he/she hates his/her job.

38. I nearly forgot how to write.

39. Homework already? It's THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL.

40. The clocks in this school are slower than regular ones, I swear.

41. This is not that bad.

42. But why so early?

43. I'm so tired.

44. I only have a couple of hours left to go. I'm a survivor.

45. Everyone looks so depressed already and it's just the first day.

46. This is too funny.

47. *The bell rings* You are my savior, I love you.

48. Lol, everyone is literally running to go home.

49. Well, that was a journey.

50. I just have to do this for 9 months more and it will be Summer again.

What are your thoughts during the first day of school? I would love to know.

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