I'm not a hair risk-taker (pros and cons of possible new hairstyles)

Today things are going to get hairy - that's one of the reasons I should never attempt comedy or anything similar.

I don't know about you but each time a new season is coming I feel the need to change my hair, it's usually little things, for example, I always get my hair trimmed before summer, sometimes I might go a little crazy and let the hairdresser cut more than the usual (someone call the police because WE HAVE A REBEL RIGHT HERE). Although I have to say I've never done anything really really crazy. As far as hair dying goes, the most ''groundbreaking'' thing I've ever done is having some Babylight highlights done, which simulate the natural highlights you sometimes get during the summer thanks for the sun (yeah, I really am a risk taker), I think it's a great thing to do during the Autumn and Winter, as our hair tends to be a little bit darker.

This year I really want to do something different to my hair, I'm 100% I say this every-single-year, but I REALLY want to do it this time. I don't want to do anything crazy like, I don't know, rainbow-ombré hair (which I think it's fantastic but I just don't think I could pull it off), but maybe a different haircut I've never tried before or a new (staying in the blonde/brunette tones) colour.

So these few days I've been doing some research - and by research I mean stalking every Pinterest and Instagram account about hair - and I've narrowed down the hairstyle options to five lovely possibilities. I don't know which one I'm going to choose because I like them all equally, but the real question here is... CAN I REALLY PULL OFF ANY OF THE HAIRSTYLES? My answer is probably (more like absolutely) not, but you know, you only live once so I might just try fun things with my hair.

Here are the pros and cons of my possible new hairstyles.

1. The Jane Birkin / Francoise Hardy 
Brief description: Boob length straight hair (hurray for the professional hair terms!), with no layers and a messy longer-than-usual fringe.
Pros: It's really classy, chic and timeless at the same time. I wouldn't need to dye my hair because out hair colour is really similar. They are both big beauty and fashion icons for me and this is one of my favourite hairstyles ever.
Cons: I have naturally curled hair so if one day my worst enemy, also know as humidity, did it's thing, I'd have a lovely curly fringe and not in a lovely way, only Beyoncé and Rihanna can look flawless with that. Another con is that a fringe requires retouches every month so it doesn't go on your eyes.

2. The old Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Brief description: Boob length hair, long layers, soft beachy waves and Californian highlights that go from a light brown or dark blonde (like my natural colour) to a lighter blonde.
Pros: Very youthful, feminine and effortless haircut.
Cons: To achieve those natural beachy waves (with by the way, my hair NEVER looks like that after I go to the beach) which magazines claim you can just achieve them with a little bit of hair spray, it will require serious flat iron or curling iron skills.

3. The new Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Brief description: Midi messy haircut with a side part. The hair colour is practically the same as her old hair but with much lighter blonde highlights
Pros: It's fresh, youthful, sexy, easy to manage and easy to dry.
Cons: Will be difficult to remain styles due to the humidity and curly hair which just can't stay straight, unless I really - first learn and then - apply some serious hair skills.

4. The Olivia don't-even-have-to-say-the-surname-because-everyone-knows-it's Palermo.
Brief description: Long polished bob, which can be styled straight or curly, with no layers. It looks like it has some really natural almond-brown highlights.
Pros: Easy to style, effortless, elegant and chic.
Cons: Very similar to my hair right now, just shorter.

5. The Lily Aldridge balayage
Brief description: Boob length (this is the third time I've used the word boob in this post, I don't know why I had to point that out) haircut with long layers and beachy waves. Her hair goes from a really dark brown to a really light brown, but not in an ombré way because if you look closely, some of the hair remain the same colour, so it looks really natural. I'm pretty sure they've used the balayage technique which if you don't know what it means, you have a really good explanation here.
Pros: Effortless, sexy and easy to style.
Cons: Can't think of any cons.

Let me know in the comments which is your favourite hairstyle of the ones above and who knows, maybe in a couple weeks I'll be rocking (at least attempting) a new hairstyle.