My 3 favourite blogs

Today I want to tell you all about my favourite blogs, you'll probably know at least one of them because they are pretty popular, but if you don't I'm sure you'll want to follow them ASAP. I think all the blogs I read fit in one these categories: beauty, fashion or lifestyle, that's why I decided to chose one of each category, it was a little difficult to narrow all the options, because I do follow a lot of blogs in Blogovin (that by the way, you should follow mine too there if you haven't already).

What you'll notice in these blogs is that even if they're known for fashion, beauty or lifestlye, they also post posts about other topics, so it's not strictly only one category, which I think it's great because it shows how versatile these blogs are.

Here is my list.

1. The Man Repeller (by Leandra Medine and Amelia Diamond)
Category: Fashion
I can confidently say that this is my favourite blog in the whole world. I could do a whole post about how much I love Leandra Medine, she taught me the ways of #ManRepelling! What more could I ask for? She's just the coolest person ever, am I right ladies? The blog is primarily about fashion but they also write posts about so many topics (beauty, humor, advice...), you can find blog posts called ''The Things We Learned: Long Live the Boy Band!'' to ''What Your Breakfast Says About You''. Yes, I know, you already love it. It's one of the few blogs which makes me laugh at loud while reading it, I love their kind of humor and how they are not afraid to say what they think. Moreover, their style is fantastic, I would totally have their wardrobes in a heartbeat. I think it's the only blog I read every-single-day.

2. Vivianna Does Makeup (by Anna Gardner)
Category: Beauty
I've been subscribed to Anna's Youtube channel for a few years, but it wasn't until a couple years ago that I discovered her blog. She has, hands down, the best beauty recommendations in the world and I trust her so much, every-single-time she recommends something, there is a 90% possibility that'll end up buying it and consequently, loving it. I call it #TheAnnaEffect, it just hits me every time. What I also love about her is how down to earth, genuine and bubbly she is, she truly seems like a really nice person. Another thing I love is the way she writes, because it's like you are reading a letter that a friend wrote for you about a certain topic, I don't like when posts are serious, I like a little bit of humor and also, I'm all about the FRIENDS references she does.

3. A Beautiful Mess (Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman)
Category: Lifestyle
They have the best DIY's and recipes I've ever came across with. They upload so much content but the quality is fantastic, they are very informative, they have beautiful pictures and I'm sure you will want to make as many DIY's and recipes as you can, I've tried some of them and they've always ended up looking as expected. The people who run this blog all seem like such nice, fun and creative people, which is always great to know. As you can see, I only have great things to say about this blog, so if you are more into lifestyle blogs, this is the one for you, I'm sure you will love it as much as I do.

What are your favourite blogs? I would love to know.

(Photos from here, here and here)