Don't be scared of the flare

Why are there so many people that hate flare jeans?

When I was little I thought flare jeans were funny, I didn't get them, I didn't understand how they could be in fashion and if I'm honest, until a couple years ago, I still didn't like them. But now, I love them, even if I don't own a pair myself, but I'm hoping to change that as soon as possible. In addition, these last couple of years, brands have been trying to bring this classic 70's trend back, even though I think that it wasn't until this year that they really had a comeback.

''But flare jeans are so unflattering!'' 

Don't be fooled, my dear.

Flare jeans actually slim and elongate your legs, doesn't matter if you have smaller or  bigger thighs, my thighs are more in the bigger side and whenever I've tried a pair my legs look better in them than in the typical skinny jeans, so yeah, let's break these stereotypes. Moreover, if you pair them with some heels, you will have legs for days!

Also, if you're loving this 70's trend going on, but you don't know which items to include to still maintain your personal style, flare jeans are the perfect option to try out. Because you will still be able to wear your favourite shirt and accessories but with this added 70's plus.

Now let's see how the Street Style experts wear it, so you can see how good they can look included in different styles and you can forever learn to not be scared of the flare (jeans)!

What do you think of flare jeans? Do you love them or you just can't wrap your head around them?