My BEAUTY Summer Essentials (2014)

Hello lovely people!
It has been quite a while since I wrote a normal post, I really want to get in the habit of writing in this blog because when I did I really enjoyed doing it, so now I'm going to stop procrastinating and I'm going to go in the theme of this post: My BEAUTY Summer Essentials. First of all, happy summer to all of you, hope you are having a great time! Today as I just said I'm going to talk to you about my summer essentials within the beauty aspect, so lets get started. Enjoy!

My BEAUTY Summer Essentials

1. A cream blush: It's great to apply quickly when you go to the beach because it looks very natural and you can reapply it when you want just using your fingers. You can also use it on your lips!

2. A waterproof mascara: Lasts all day and holds the curl more time than normal mascaras, plus you can go in the swimming pool and your eyelashes will still look fab when you go out from it and not like a panda because it doesn't smudge. Great great for summer and for girls whose mascara's tend to smudge.

3. A lip balm with SPF: It's very important to moisturize your lips because in summer we all want juicy soft lips so a lip balm does the job but in the summer, please, buy one with SPF because the lips can also get burned and I don't think that you want the flakey lips look...

4. Pastel nail varnishes: I don't know about you but on the summer I love to wear pastel colours on my nails because I feel like is the only season of the year that I can actually wear them without looking weird because on the other seasons I tend to wear darker colours. Right now I'm wearing a colour like the Dior one on the photo and it looks very summery and sophisticated.

5. Face SPF: My mum always has told me the importance of an SPF as she says it will prevent me from having wrinkles or skin problems and as I have freckles and quite sensitive skin I always have to put on SPF. I actually use this one from La Mer and it's very lovely because it's not greasy at all, I know it's quite pricey but worth it.

6. Body SPF: Oh yes, more prevention and protection for you: body SPF. Please don't forget to put it on when you go out because there isn't anything worse than getting burned (been there, not particularly proud), first because it's not pretty at all and second because its SO BAD for your skin and can cause you some nasty things and we don't want that don't we? For example this one from Hawaiian Tropic is the bomb.

7. Salt Spray: What's sexier than beachy waves in summer? Salt spray really helps me give the effect that I've been surfing in a California beach when in reality you just sprayed a little bit of this product and scrunched it until it looked good. This one from Lush is very lovely but I also love the one from Bumble and Bumble, you really have to try them!

8. Hair oil: Specially in the summer our hair tends to get quite dry and we have to treat it so it looks soft and silky all summer. Hair oils are gorgeous, they repair your hair and they give you shine and then it looks like a million bucks. This one from l'Oréal does the job very beautifully, it is in a range of different hair oils that you can choose depending on the finish you are looking for. The best part is that they aren't greasy at all.

9. Body moisturizer/butter: Summer is the season we show the most skin so we all want soft and moisturized skin and to achieve that we can use moisturizers or body butters (for a more deep moist...ah I can't believe I used this word). They allow you to get rid of dry patches and to cure your skin if you get burned when you have been laying a bit to much under the sun. I use the The Body Shop body butters as they are very moisturizing and they smell lovely, mango is my favorite smell but I couldn't find the photo :(

Question of the day: What are YOUR summer essentials? I would love to know! 

Much love,