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My 2014 Summer Wish List (Part 2)

Hello lovely people!
A few days weeks (ups... sorry) ago I did a post of my current beauty wish list for the summer and today I'll show you which fashion related things are in my wish list too. Same deal as the other post, I'll explain you a little bit of each thing such as where they are from and why I want them. (WARNING: Your wish list might get a little longer after reading this post, you are welcome #sorrynotsorry) Enjoy!

the fashion things...

1. Orange Romper (H&M): Rompers are such easy and comfy things to wear plus they look fashionable without even trying (it's all about effortless fashion, am I right ladies?). I think this orange colour is gorgeous and would complement anyone's skin tone.

2. Black Rip Knee Jamie Jeans (Topshop): (First of all, why are they always out of stock? Boh) Oh Jamie Jeans from Topshop, you have been on my wish list for so long and you still aren't in my closet, why? I love me some good quality high waisted black jeans, I have some from Zara and I wear them non-stop but these... I know I could just rip some holes in mine because they are practically the same but these... look so cool. Jamie jeans are also known for being very comfortable, basically, these jeans have everything I want in a pair of jeans. (Times I said jeans: 6... oh well)

3. Bandana Denim Jacket (GAP): I love denim jackets and I know this just looks like a normal light denim jacket, BUT NO, it's not just that. On the back from the shoulders to mid back there is a very interesting bandana print that can spice up any summer look as the colours are quite stunning.

4. Raffia Espadrilles (Zara): These espadrilles have caught my eye since the first time I saw them because I thought it was a cool twist to the typical summer espadrilles as they have a leathery-looking fabric, but it's actually raffia. These have been quite popular so they are basically out of stock in every Zara and online shops, which bothers me quite a lot but I still haven't lost hope. THERE'S HOPE GUYS.

5. Watch (Daniel Wellington): Lately I've seen Mr Daniel's watches everywhere from blogs to Instagram(s) and I dunno why (and it's not because he has sponsored a LOT of kinda famous people...no): they are so simple and classic and they do look good with any outfit. I like this one in particular as it's rose gold and has some little rhinestones which give this watch a very feminine and casual look. Lovely, just lovely.

6. Eye Spy Necklace (Nasty Girl): I had to insert the brand's description as I thought it was great: ''For all you (eye) ballers, this necklace has a brushed gold chain with eyeball pendant and adjustable clasp closure. It's weird in all the right ways, so sport it when you want to keep your vibe quirky'' by the Nastiest of the Girls. I love it when the products' descriptions aren't serious, am I the only one? Moving on -> I love wearing simple chain necklaces and layering them and this would work perfectly for this job.

7. Bucket Bag (Gucci): I know this bag might be in my wish list forever for a long time or at least until I win the lottery but as I said before, there is still hope. Recently I've seen these kinds of bucket bags EVERYWHERE but this one is the one that caught my eye the most until I saw the brand (and the price) and wished I was blind, but come on, it's so cute. I also love the colour as I think that a bag with this colour can give life to any monochrome look (aka my everyday look).

8. Sleeveless/Peplum Shirt (French Connection): I know this shirt doesn't have anything special other than the peplum situation going at the bottom but (there is always a but), it's so chic and simple and you could combine it with so many pieces. If I had it in my closet it would definitely be a staple.

9. Skort (New Look): Looks like a skirt but it's a pair of shorts, SOLD. I love skirts but I just can't have the risk of exposing parts that I wouldn't want to expose publicly in a windy or not so windy day, because when I wear skirts I don't know how to walk,  how to sit down or how to function in life, that's why I want some skorts in my life. Sitting the way you want, embracing the windy days... think about it, you also want some and I just convinced you. (Wow I would really be a great publicist for fashion brands).

10. Headphones (Frend): Aren't these headphones the coolest thing you have ever seen (in the headphones world), because they are for me. They look so much more than just headphones as they are so fashionable, I would choose them over a necklace as they give such an 'umf' to any look; and I love listening to music, I listen to music 24/7, literally, but anyway right now I don't have any excuse to justify buying them as they are quite expensive for their function but... I still want them.

Much love,