The finest selection of makeup tutorials you need to watch A.S.A.P

I myself love a good makeup tutorial, not to recreate them (I rarely do that), but to learn new techniques that at some point will come in handy. They also really relax me, I don't know why I find makeup tutorials so relaxing, maybe because most of the makeup artists have such a calming voice and are just so graceful, like a swam in a lake - I really need to stop with these kinds of comparisons.

I'm one of those people who doesn't bother putting makeup on everyday, I have no problem on going out in public with a fresh makeup free face, but at the same time I also love getting glammed up, enhancing some parts of my face or just having fun with makeup. I personally think makeup is a great tool to give women (or men!) the power to transform into whoever they want to be, it can be a totally different person or just a more confident version of themselves.

I've been watching makeup tutorials for so long, I think it was the first genre of Youtube videos I've ever bumped into and I still watch them now. That's why I decided to make the finest selection of makeup tutorials you need to watch as soon as possible, because even if you never try any of these, you'll just enjoy watching them or at least learn some new tips you might use someday, you never know.

Here they are...

1. Wedding makeup: Amal Clooney by Charlotte Tilbury

2. Modern 'Baby Bardot' Makeup Tutorial by Lisa Eldridge


3. Bronze Evening Makeup by Monika Blunder

4. Red Carpet Makeup lool by Nic Chapman (Pixiwoo)

5. Alexa Chung Tutorial by Lisa Eldridge

6. Natural Everyday Makeup by Wayne Goss

7. Nigella Lawson Inspired Makeup by Sam Chapman (Pixiwoo)

8. The Dolce Vita look by Charlotte Tilbury

9. How to do Modern Smokey Eyes by Wendy Rowe (Burberry)

10. My Boyfriend does my makeup featuring Vivianna Does Makeup (a.k.a Anna) and Mark
(This is not really a makeup tutorial but it's dang cute, so I had to include it)

Do you watch makeup tutorials? If so, who is your favourite Youtuber/Makeup Artist? I would love to know.