Managing time, Organizing and ''THE (blog) Schedule''

Good morning lovely people!
I know, I'm the worst blogger in history. It has been absolutely ages since my last post and I would be lying if I said ''I just haven't had the time''. No. It's because I'm the most unorganized and lazy person in the world and I just can't manage my time. Why? Well let's say I'm just a big procrastinator and would rather be watching Netflix for three hours straight than doing actual important work (Raise your hand if you can relate). THIS REALLY NEEDS TO STOP and to achieve that, I've created ''THE (blog) Schedule'' (which could really save my life), because I've found that when I write down schedules to organize my time, I tend to do more stuff. So this is going to be my new blog schedule (All posts will go up at 9 AM/Central European Time):

MONDAY: Mondays will be all about beauty and skincare. I'll tell you all about the newest products I've tried and my opinion on them.

TUESDAY: Tuesdays will be all about the newest fashion trends. I'll tell you all about them and discuss the pros and cons of them and my opinion.

WEDNESDAY: Wednesdays will be all about lifestyle stuff. It could be about anything really, I'll talk about a various range of things that can help you or interest you in your everyday life.

THURSDAY: Thursdays will be strictly fashion. Anything related with fashion.

FRIDAY: Fridays will be all about fitness and health. It could be about my new favorite recipe or about my new favorite workout, even about my new fitness gear.

SATURDAY: Saturdays will be random days, where I'll post about anything I want. You'll be surprised.

SUNDAY: Sundays will be a day to look back on the week and debate on any subjects I find important.

Let's see how many weeks I can keep up with this schedule, I accept bets.