My Green Smoothie Recipe (Little Brother Approved)

Hello lovely people!
2015 is here and we all know what a new year means: Resolutions. And we all now what we mean by resolutions: Eat healthier, do more exercise, drink more water, sleep more, bla bla bla... But let's be real here, we've just finished the first month of this new year so... how many of you have sticked to your resolutions? No one raises hands but one or two people (ugh lucky you). January is a month which is meant to failure not for an apparent reason really, just for human nature, so this year I decided to start my resolutions on February, to be exact, on the 3rd of February because I just can't start my resolutions on the first day of the month, don't know why (yes I do, I'm just lazy, but don't tell anyone shhh)... To start my ''health related'' resolutions I started by getting on the trend of the green smoothies, creating my one-of-a-kind recipe which, thankfully and surprisingly, came out pretty delicious, so I thought it would be fair to share it with all of you.


1 cup of spinach
A small celery stalk
A frozen banana
A green apple
1 cup of water
1tsp. of chia seeds (you know you are doing it right when there are chia seeds...)
Optional: add a little, by little I mean tiny, bit of ginger for an extra boost

(My little brother tried it and liked it, so it's officially approved now)

Questions of the day: What are your new year's resolutions? Do you stick to them?

Love, Julia x