The sneaker situation (The cool factor)

Good morning lovely people!

Adidas(Stan Smith or Supestar)-kind-of-sneakers, they are everywhere. Right?
A few months ago when the trend just started to sparkle I sent a picture of them to my friend saying ''I really like them. Any thoughts?'' and she replied ''I don't get them, they are just white sneakers'', and if you look it that way it's totally true, they are just white sneakers. Then, what do these shoes have, that so many people have them or want them? The cool factor.

I'm sure you might be asking, what is that? Well, I'm sure you have noticed that there are some things/people which just proliferate or glow coolness, some clear examples would be: Cara Delevingne, Robert Downey Jr,  Rihanna, Anna Wintour, Casey Neistat, Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele, hats, BeyoncĂ©, black leather jackets, Karl Lagerfeld, Michelle Obama, Tom Ford, suits, boyfriend jeans, Queen Elizabeth, Stella McCartney... It's difficult to explain, but when someone has it you can see it and these kind of sneakers have it, they just make any outfit effortless (we bloggers love this word, don't we...) and cool (how many times have I said cool?).

(Carlyne, your coolness is hitting me)

So now that these shoes are a trend, many brands have came up with their own version, what a shocker. This is great because it allows people with a smaller budget to get practically the same shoes but without the brand printed on it, gotta love the clones. Here you have my selection of the originals and the clones:

The trainers

White shoes
€25 - newlook.com

Topshop white shoes
€30 - topshop.com

Asos shoes
€30 - asos.com

River Island white shoes
€30 - riverisland.com

H&M white shoes
€27 - hm.com

Adidas shoes
€105 - office.co.uk

Adidas shoes
€67 - drjays.com

Adidas shoes
€71 - drjays.com

Lace up shoes
€38 - next.co.uk

Nly Shoes white shoes
€38 - nelly.com

So this is my question for you: Who or what do you think has the cool factor?