My top 3 beauty secrets

We all have our beauty secrets, some people will just keep them to themselves, but others, like myself, prefer to share them and, who better to share them with than with my lovely readers? All these secrets/tips were life-changing for me, so I hope you like them as much as I do.

1. Facial Massage for softer and firmer skin.
This year I discovered facial massaging thanks to the loveliest of make-up artists, Lisa Eldridge. For those who don't know who she is, she's an internationally recognized make-up artist, she has done the make-up for some of the most important magazine shoots/covers, celebrities and red carpet events. She also has a Youtube channel where she does beauty related videos.
In one of these videos she showed her facial massage routine, which she had been doing for a few years. In the video she explains that her mum has been doing facial massaging for a really long time and still has beautiful skin and as you'll se in the video, Lisa has really beautiful skin too.
From all the facial massaging tutorials I've seen and tried from Youtube, this is my favourite, I always go back to this one because it's really easy to follow and it' also very informative. I try to do it at least once a week. Since I started doing this I've seen a huge difference on my skin: it's firmer, softer and it has helped a lot with my acne scars. Plus, it's reeeeeeeeeally relaxing.

2. Bicarbonate Toothpaste for instant whiter teeth.
I've been doing this for a long time and trust me, it does work. One day I read on a blog about this homemade ''(two ingredient)toothpaste'' for instant whiter teeth, first I was quite sketchy but I'm so glad I tried it. The recipe just consists about bicarbonate and water, recently I've read you could also add lemon for better results but I haven't tried that. To be honest, I don't really follow any measurements of the ingredients, I just mix a little bit of the two ingredients until it forms a paste, if it's too watery just throw a little bit of the water. Once you have the paste formed just clean your teeth as you'd do with normal toothpaste and voilĂ , enjoy your shiny, sexy and pearly teeth. Then take a selfie, Christy Turlington style ;)

(Photography by Arthur Elgort)

3. Hot Water Towel to softly exfoliate the skin.
At night (I don't know why I only do it at night but I'm sure you can also do it in the morning), after you've cleansed your face, wet a small towel/muslim cloth/flannel in really hot water and then leave it on you face for a few seconds... YOU WILL BE SO RELAXED, I HAVE WARNED YOU. You can repeat this process as many times you fancy (and you'll fancy it a lot), doing this you will exfoliate the skin really softly and open the pores so when you apply your toner, moisturizer o serum, your skin will be much more receptive. After doing this you'll be so freaking calmed that you'll be even happier to go to sleep and have better glowing skin the morning after, just like Karlie.

(Photo by Vogue UK)

Tell me all about your beauty secrets in the comments section, I would love to know!

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