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Autumn Fashion Essentials

Happy autumn everyone!

That's right, autumn is here and I'm so excited and I just can't hide it, I'm about to lose control and I think I like it (had to do it) because it's my favourite season of the year. I love the colder weather, the food and the fact that it's near to my birthday and Christmas it's just a big plus. But specially the fashion, it's the time of the year I get the most excited when going shopping, I really don't know why, I think part of it is because I can eat a lot more as clothes tend to be bigger, layered on top of the other ones and not a lot of skin is shown as in the summer... Am I the only one? Raise your hands if you love food! Going back to the theme, today I'm going to talk about my five autumn fashion essentials which I can't live without during the season.

Hope you enjoy this post! In the comments tell me what are your autumn essentials as I would love to know it, Julia.

1. LEATHER JACKET: This is just not an autumn essential, it's a LIFE essential. I personally think that everyone needs one as they never go out of style but you don't have to buy a real leather one, there are many great faux leather ones. I love the black perfecto style as it spices up any simple outfit and gives it more of an edgy look, but don't get me wrong, you can also put together some very girly and chic outfits with it.
My faves in stores right now:

Leather Jackets

2. BOOTS: Boots are the most convenient shoes in autumn as the weather is colder and sometimes rains and no one wants to have wet or/and cold feet. No one. So boots are great because there is a very large range of styles: ankle boots, thigh-high boots, military boots, combat boots, wellington style boots... there are just loads, they are a must(have) for me.
My faves in stores right now:

Boots Picks

3. PARKA JACKET: Specially khaki ones as those ones make me happy, don't know why. They are great for rainy days as most of them have a hood and are waterproof, in addition they can be very fashionable as they look good in a lot of different styled outfits.
My faves in stores right now:

Parka Picks

4. KNITTED JUMPER: Knitted jumpers are great, they are so warm and cozy, I specially love the oversized for an effortless look but the thinner ones are great for layering with shirts with a collar for more of a preppy look.
My faves in stores right now:


5. KNITTED SCARVES: On autumn I usually get colds and sore throats so knitted scarves always come on handy as when I rap them on my neck area, my throat recovers quickly. In addition they look very chic and stylish so... we could call them a stylish remedy for sore throats.
My faves in stores right now:

Knitted Scarves