How to Wear a Red Lip

Hello lovely people!
On Yesterday's post I showed you a few images which had a theme in common: Red Lips. A red lip is a makeup statement which has never gone and will never go out of style, since its invention many iconic women have worn it and still now we can see it on many runways. I think that anyone can look gorgeous with a red lipstick on, it's just a matter of finding the right shade or texture depending on your skin tone. In this post I'm going to show you how any women can pull off a red lip, in addition I'll show you different techniques for applying it in the best way.

STEP 1: Which is your perfect shade?

Fair Complexion

Medium Complexion

Dark Complexion

STEP 2: THE Lip Liner
A lip liner or a lip brush is a must for achieving the perfect edges. There is a huge range of lip liners that you can use, I recommend using one with a similar tone as the lipstick you'll later use, it will also help you with the staying power but now you can also find on the market a big range of lip liners which don't have color, so you can wear it with any colour lipstick, you should definitely check that out.

Lip Essentials

STEP 3: A Matte or a Glossy finish?

Glossy Finish

Matte finish

Final Tips
- To achieve an easier application don't forget to apply some sort of balm or chapstick before.
- To achieve a bigger pay-off of the colour in the bullet, you can apply some concealer to your lips to conceal the natural lip colour.
- To perfect the edges use concealer on a liner brush or a concealer brush.

Hope these tips help you,
Julia x